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  Recent changes:

  1. Added ability to delete multiple records at once for tags, rooms, collections and locations.
  2. Added ability to delete multiple records at once for records in the Documents table of a selected inventory item.
  3. Added a new inventory item property - 'Flagged'. If you flag an inventory item record, a small flag icon will appear for that record in the inventory items list.
  4. Added a new filtering criteria for inventory items table - 'Flagged'. If checked, the table will display only flagged inventory items.
  5. Added thumbnail images to all inventory items tables for: rooms, locations, collections, contacts and tags.
  6. Added an image thumbnail of the inventory item's primary photo/document to the item's edit form.
  7. Added 3 more custom text fields.
  8. Fixed an issue causing exported report files not to have a PDF file extension in case users didn't explicitly specify it.
  9. Fixed the issue preventing clearing of the application passcode (Preferences -> Security).
  10. Fixed several German translation issues.
  1. This version includes support for macOS Big Sur and compatibility with Apple Silicon machines.
  2. Added a new report filter: filter reported items by purchase date range.
  3. In the Inventory Items List, on the right hand side in Documents, instead of having to click on the Eye button to open it, a double-click on the picture/file opens it as well.
  4. Updated all reports that display values of inventory items. Added an option to choose between using purchase price, replacement value or latest logged value.
  5. Added a new application property: 'Unit based purchase price'. With this option turned on, total value will be calculated as a product of quantity and the unit price (vs. total value)
  6. Fixed an issue affecting older Macs running macOS 10.12 and 10.13 preventing correct display of Locations view.
  7. Fixed an issue affecting older Macs running macOS 10.12 and 10.13 preventing correct display of Preferences Backups view.
  8. Fixed a synchronization issue with the iOS App affecting some users.
  9. Fixed an issue that prevented some users to restore their backup data.
  10. Added incremental search field to the value log form. The search field helps you search for inventory items when updating their values.
  11. Inventory item list: added an option to choose type of value displayed in the list. The type is set in application's 'Preferences' form. You can choose between the purchase price, replacement cost and the logged value.
  12. Updated type of choice lists for rooms, collections, locations and heirs within the inventory item's edit form. The updated control makes it easier to select values.
  13. Fixed an issue causing application crash if your inventory name search term contains the apostrophe character.
  14. Fixed the CSV export issue for items that had a " character in one of description fields.
  15. Fixed the issue for German locale preventing users to edit item location, room, collection and heir.
  16. Added ability to import multiple image files using the CSV file import. You can use the CSV import to transfer your inventory data from some older applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Application's display name has changed to 'Home Inventory 4' in your 'Applications' folder. If you have a Dock shortcut you will need to replace it.
  1. Click on the 'Backup to file ...' command from the backup or restore toolbar button's menu.
  2. In the backup form, choose the destination folder and click on the Save button. In case you want to use iCloud, choose the iCloud drive's folder.
  3. If you don't want to use iCloud drive, open a Finder window, find your backup file and copy it to your cloud storage. Check the 'How-to video guides' for more informationn on how to do backups and restores.
  1. If you forgot your Blue Plum Home Inventory password, and the hint you added is not enough to help you remember it, you can see the password from the Apple MacOS Keychain application.
  2. If you have the administrative access to your Mac, you can open the Keychain application and search for the "UserAccount" term. Double-click on the "Blue Plum Home Inventory" row and select the "Show Password" check box in the form that will be displayed. Your application password will become visible.

  Known Issues:

iOS application’s service discovery depends on Apple’s Bonjour technology, and on some WiFi routers that won’t always work.
  1. First, make sure that you have installed all the updates for both applications.
  2. Make sure your Mac Home Inventory application is running when you attempt to synchronze data.
  3. Sometimes turning iPhone’s Airplane mode on and off would make the application find  synchronization server that is running within the Mac application.
  4. Another cause of such problems on the WiFi router could be: 'you probably have multicast on WiFi disabled’. That one would require some tinkering with options in your WiFi router in order to enable that option.
Note: The iOS app is obsolete now since Apple's iCloud Photos allows you to access all your iOS photos directly from the main Mac Home Inventory application.

  1. Tweaked the purchase & create date entry for inventory items.
  2. Fixed the case where chart view didn't show correctly when inventory item list view was set as the initial application view.
  3. Added a new application preference option - set the default value of 'Track value over time' option for new inventory items.
  1. You can now merge multiple inventory items into one.
  2. New application preference option - select the startup view. You can display either the Dashboard view or the Inventory Items list view after the application starts.
  3. Application will offer a suggestion list with autocompletion when entering a value in the Purchased from or Make fields of the inventory items' edit form.
  4. Extended the Comprehensive report. Added number of lines for the item description, added the collection field and tags.
  5. Album view & report - the application will display only one name if both inventory item and the document name are the same.
  6. Purchase date will not autofill to the current date by default.
  1. Fixed a spelling error in one of report file names.
  2. Added a warning alert in case report's 'Save as PDF' operation fails.
  3. For images where the macOS hasn't created a thumbnail, the application will try to read the image and resize it to create the thumbnail image instead.
  4. Fixed an issue that allowed users to add duplicate tags to a single inventory item.
  1. New feature: Added an option to choose between the 'purchase price' and the 'replacement cost' to more reports.
  2. Updated the inventory edit form - rearanged several fields to more appropriate locations.
  3. Fixed an issue related to restoring data from automated iCloudDrive backups. If the user delets the backup file and tries to restore inventory from the deleted file, the application would crash. Now, the application will chek if the file exists before it attempts to restore inventory data from it.
  1. Fixed an issue related to 'Item List' report when the 'Include main document's photo' option is checked. The issue prevented the report to include all inventory items.
  1. New feature: Faster way to add photos - drag and drop images from Apple's Photos application or Finder to the Item's document list.
  2. New feature: Automatic backup to the iCloud Drive folder.
  3. New feature: New preferences form.
  4. New feature: Automated backup preferences pane with a list of already created backup files. Restore or show backup files from the preference pane.
  5. Fixed an issue related to inventory items' document deletes. If a document marked as 'main' was deleted, another document was not automatically marked as 'main'
  6. If you haven't authorized the application to access Photos library, the application will show you a warning with instructions how to change system preferences.
  1. Added an option to filter inventory items by a selected heir, or list only items where a heir was not set.
  2. Added a document preview for items in the document list.Press the space key to launch a preview window like in the Finder..
  3. Added an option to include a small 'main' image for each item in the 'Item list report'.
  4. Added an indicator during report generation that displays progress.
  5. Added an option to display only main documents in the album view.
  6. Fixed an issue with the List report where subtotal values were not fully visible.
  7. Added an option to collapse or expand the report filter area. Collapsed filter area allows you to see more of the report document.
  8. Application's display name has changed to 'Home Inventory 4' in your 'Applications' folder. If you have a Dock shortcut you will need to replace it.
  9. Extended the Comprehensive report - you can select to display more than one inventory photo (up to 6) for each reported inventory item.
  10. Added backup and restore logging. Logs can be displayed from the 'Help' menu.
  11. Added an option to hide currently archived items in the value distribution pie chart. The new option will hide currently archived items even if these items were not archived when the value log was created.
  12. Added two new options to the 'Photo Album' report. The first new option lets you control the quality of exported photos, and with that, the size of the created report file. The second new option lets you choose the photos grouping criteria.
  13. Import new inventory items from another file. The new feature lets you add new inventory items, documents, tags, ... created from another computer or user. Existing items will not be imported. This feature allows multiple people to add new items to a single inventory. Check the application's user guide for more details.
  14. Filter all inventory items that don't have a room, location, collection or a tag.
  15. Fixed an issue related to events that repeat quarterly and semi-annually.
  16. Added a new 'List items' report option that lets you display replacement values instead of purchsed/logged values.
  17. Fixed the case sensitivity issue with custom tags.
  18. Improved adding of tags. Inventory edit form accepts tag autocompletion now. If you type in a tag name that doesn't exist, the application will add that tag for you once the item is saved.
  19. Fixed a bug that prevented custom field name from being displayed in the inventory item edit form in some cases.
  20. Added a new context menu to the main items list - 'Add selected items to a packing list'.
  21. Updated the Packing Lists view - added item weights to the packing list items table.
  22. Fixed a minor issue in the Packing List report.
  23. Fixed few minor UI issues with packing lists view as well.
  24. Added ability to add documents or images to each of your property locations. That way you can manage your property related documents independently from inventory items.
  25. Added option to delete all inventory data at once and start fresh.
  26. When you duplicate inventory item you will be able to select an option to duplicate documents as well.
  27. CSV import got a new option - append imported data. Before, CSV import was only able to overwrite existing data.
  1. Added German localization.
  1. Fixed minor GUI issues.
  2. Fixed and enhanced CSV file import.
  3. Added packing lists.
  1. Change behaviour of bulk document import when document name is left empty and 'Custom name' option was selected.
  1. Added the 'invoice' property to inventory items' documents.
  2. Added highlighting of invoice document in the document list of inventory items.
  3. Improved the Comprehensive inventory report. Added an option that lets you add a page with the invoice document after each inventory item's page. This simplifies sending a list of inventory items to insurance companies.
  4. Fixed several minor UI issues.
  1. Added ability to track who has taken out an item and when they need to return it. Added the 'loaned items' reports.
  2. Enabled acknowledging of recurring events. Once you acknowledge such an event, the next one will become visible.
  3. Fixed access to Mac OS contacts.
  4. Fixed the bug causing double result entries when searching for a contact.
  5. Fixed a bug preventing correct editing of inventory items' depreciation rate for some regional settings.
  6. Updated the way item depreciation is calculated when you create a new inventory value log. If the value of a depreciable item hasn't been logged before, a purchase price and a purchase date will be used to estimate the current value.
  7. Added support for older MacOS versions.
  8. Extended the comprehensive report - added heir information.
  9. Added 'Archived' feature for disposed items you want to keep in the database but don't want to see in reports any longer.
  10. Added photo/document 'Move' feature to move any document or photo from one inventory item to another one.
  11. Improved the 'Bulk photo import' - added option to use image names for item names when importing bulk photos.
  12. Fixed minor GUI issues in the 'Bulk import' form.
  13. Updated the value log edit form (made it non-transient, added scrolling of values when using tabs, fixed some GUI issues)
  14. Fixed a bug in the log value entry form causing calculation error of the total inventory value.
  15. Fixed the issue preventing saving of inventory documents when MacOS user name contains a space character.
  1. Added support for Continuity Camera that lets you use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to scan documents or take a picture of something nearby and transfer it instantly to the home inventory application.
  1. Added an option to create a duplicate inventory item.
  1. Fixed application crash that happened to some new users while using maps.
  1. Added total number and value (within the label's tooltip) of items in rooms, collections, contacts, tags, and locations.
  2. Added multi-item select in the album view. Added delete and export of multiple items at once.
  3. Fixed a bug that left some windows open after a document delete operation (album view).
  1. Added support for Dark Mode appearance (Mojave - Mac OS 10.14).
  2. Several UI bug fixes.
  3. Fixed the memory leak when deleting photos/documents from the album view.
  4. Stability impovements.
  1. Fixed the Item List report formatting issue.
  2. Fixed the Estate report margin issue affecting longer reports for A4 paper size.
  1. Fixed the Photo report bug causing the bottom margin to gradually become bigger when making reports for A4 page size.
  2. Fixed the Item List report bug causing formatting issues if "Show column names" was selected and reports were made for A4 page size.
  3. Fixed the Estate report memory allocation bug when "Include item photo" was selected.
  1. Extended property location section with insurance, claims and property information.
  1. New feature. Insurance policies and claims.
  2. New report type: Insurance and claims.
  3. Re-designed the 'General' view of inventory items.
  4. Added custom fields to the inventory items' 'General' view.
  5. Added Insurance tab to the 'Dashboard' view.
  6. Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash if you try to view a sound file in the album view.
  7. Album view: when grouping photos by rooms, room sections are now sorted by name.
  8. Fixed wrong tooltips for 'sort by' buttons of multiple tables.
  1. Set a 2-second auto-hide for table row action (row swipes).
  2. Fixed wrong actions on a row swipe in secondary tables.
  3. Fixed the name of a 'Room' filter in the inventory items table.
  4. Added a choice list for the inventory item 'Condition' field. The choice list will contain all previously used condition terms so you won't have to type them again.
  5. Updated layout of inventory items' 'General' tab fields, changed the color of item fields. The old one (light blue) was not visible enough.
  6. Added a new ('Expand/Collapse') button for the Inventory items' table to allow users to collapse the table and make more space for item documents, events, etc. Use the ⌘← key combination to collapse the table and ⌘→ to expand it back.
  1. Fixed the margin issue in comprehensive inventory report for regions using A4 paper size.
  1. Updated comprehensive inventory report. Added an option to support two inventory items per page.
  2. Updated item list inventory report - added item quantities for locations and rooms.
  1. Fixed a bug related to correct entry of inventory items' create date from a calendar view.
  2. Added an option to change the relationship between tags in inventory item filter. Before, only the AND relationship was possible.
  3. Added a possibility to set create date to multiple items at once from inventory table's context menu.
  4. Added more ways to sort inventory items ('Create date' and 'Make').
  1. Fixed a bug that prevented correct entry of the inventory item's purchase date.
  2. Added a new 'Create date' inventory field. It lets you store a date when the item was added to your inventory.
  3. Re-designed inventory items filtering. Filtering options are now displayed on top of the items' table instead of in a separate popup window.
  4. Added ability to filter inventory items on multiple tags. Previously, you were able to select one tag only.
  1. Improved data import from CSV files - added ability to import images referenced in a CSV file.
  2. Added image preview in the bulk image import form.
  3. Improved application's behavior when editing inventory items from Rooms, Tags, Collection and Contacts pages. Saving an item won't trigger a full refresh of the main table.
  1. Fixed the issue with application window resizing on 13" MacBook Pros in standard resolution.
  1. Added the bulk photo import that lets you import your photos faster
  2. You can now set tags, location, room, collection, heir and a purchase date to multiple items at once
  3. Updated Photo and List reports with new options
  4. Fixed the issue with invalid purchase date when MacOS calendar is set to IDO 8601
  5. Fixed the wrong description in the 'warranties' table
  1. Added 'Report an Issue ...' Help menu item
  2. Fixed a problem that in some cases prevented reports to be saved as PDF files
  3. Item List Report: added inventory items sorting order choice
  4. Item List Report: added an option to display item quantities
  5. Photo Album Report: fixed page breaks that caused a room and/or location name to be displayed as the last item in a page
  6. Photo Album Report: added an option to display document/photo name as the second line below its image
  7. Photo Album Report: added an option to display item quantity beside the item's name
  1. Fixed a bug causing the application to crash or freeze when no value logs were added
  2. Minor UI improvements
  1. Added inventory item photos to Estate reports
  2. Added optional custom inventory fields (two numerical and two text fields)
  3. Updated item list and comprehensive reports to include custom fields
  4. Fixed item values in the Estate report (heirs report). Inventory items' purchase price was displayed instead of it's current value
  1. Fixed a bug that left the application open even after its only window was closed
  2. Fixed a minor bug in the Photo Album and Comprehensive reports related to items' displayed image when no image is marked as 'Main'
  1. Added a Contact Manager
  2. Added ability to choose a heir for each inventory item
  3. Added Estate planning reports
  4. Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when adding new images (Mac OS 10.12 only)
  1. Fixed a bug that prevented correct display of inventory item tags
  2. Minor bug fixes related to image editing
  1. Image editing: added image rotation
  2. Item List Report: added individual item's value and more options
  3. Photo Album Report: added an option to use the main document/image only
  4. Inventory items incremental search: searching through the description property as well
  5. Assigning image and documents to items: in addition to the file system, chose a photo from media library as well (Photos, iPhoto and PhotoBooth)
  6. Export item list to a JSON file that you can import to other software applications
  7. Bug fixes
  1. Added context menus to all tables showing inventory items. The new menu (or a double click) lets you jump directly to the selected inventory item.
  2. Added new context menu items to event table that lets you jump to the related inventory item.
  3. Added new context menu items to event table that lets you jump to the related inventory item.
  4. dded a new table on the dashboard page - 'Warranties'. It lets you display a list of warranties that will expire within the specified number of days.
  5. Fixed a problem causing edit forms to be closed sometimes when you select a date from a calendar view.