Manage all your gear in one place Available on the Mac App Store. Requires macOS 10.11+

Traveling well can be one of life’s great pleasures, whether you’re alone or with friends and family. But what does it mean to travel well? Avoid hassle, pack well and on time, bring everything you are going to need. Did you make a packing list? Do you know where you keep all of your travel gear? Does your friend still have that important tool he borrowed 2 moths ago and you need it for your trip now?

GearUp will help you maintain inventory of all the gear you own. It lets you organize your items in collections, categories, locations and/or assign one or more custom tags to each item. It helps you add photos, videos, receipts, manuals, contracts and any other document related to your items. Create and manage multiple packing lists for any type of trip you make.

Dashboard - overview of your gear value history, important events, warranty expirations, loaned items

Item Details - Simple data entry and image/document management.

Photo Album - Several ways to display and search for your photos and documents.

Photo/Document Browser - Find and select gear photos/documents from multiple sources. iPhoto, Photos, Fyle System, Camera, Photo Booth.

Photo Editor - Adjust your photos: crop, rotate, color adjustments, ...

Reports - Multiple customizable report types (item list, comprehensive, photo album, warranty, summary, packing lists, loaned items)

Packing lists - Easily create reusable packing lists. Print check-mark ready packing list reports.

Track Gear Inventory Value - Track gear value changes over time. Automatic item depreciation.

Contacts, Backup/Restore, Events, Journals, Warranties and more, ... We listen to your suggestions. New features are being added regularly.