Version log:

  1. Fixed the barcode scanner application crash

  Frequently asked questions:

That is how the application is supposed to work. Once the iOS app has transferred all the new photos to the main Mac Home Inventory application, the photos are removed from the iOS app to prevent filling up of your iPhone's precious storage.
That is how the application is supposed to work. Data synchronization will not transfer images, videos, documents and other files from the Mac to the iOS application. Doing that would quickly fill up your iPhone's storage.
This is not a full-featured home inventory management iOS application. It's primary purpose has been stated in the app description: "The Home Inventory Easy Entry lets you go around your home with your iPhone or your iPad and take your inventory snapshots. When both your iPhone and your Mac are on the same WiFi network, you can transfer all the new photos and inventory records to the main Mac application."

This app is free and is not necessary for the main Mac Home Inventory application to work. You can acquire and transfer your inventory photos to the Mac application in many different ways. We spent an effort to make your life a bit easier with regards to taking your inventory photos around your house and transfering them to the main Mac Home Inventory application.

  Known Issues:

If you create a new inventory item and hit the 'Back' button instead of the 'Save' one, the item won't be saved and you won't be warned about that before the view disappears.

Make sure to hit the 'Save' button after you add a new item or make changes to the existing one.

iOS application’s service discovery depends on Apple’s Bonjour technology, and on some WiFi routers that won’t always work.
  1. First, make sure that you have installed all the updates for both applications.
  2. Sometimes turning iPhone’s Airplane mode on and off would make the application find  synchronization server that is running within the Mac application.
  3. Another cause of such problems on the WiFi router could be: 'you probably have multicast on WiFi disabled’. That one would require some tinkering with options in your WiFi router in order to enable that option.

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