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Net worth tracking - your financial health checkup

Net worth: the most important number in your personal finance. Tracking your Net Worth gives you the most accurate picture of your complete financial health. It is a snapshot of your financial life at one moment in time, a single number representing your financial health.

Are you tired of using money management software that requires you to track all your transactions? Stop entering information into these programs. Categorizing all your spending transaction by transaction isn't a good use of your time. It is just too much work to get a picture of your month-to-month money flow.

Are your finances on track? Tracking your net worth is like giving yourself a grade every month and helps keep your spending/savings for the month accountable.

  • Categories

    Assign assets and liabilities to your own custom categories.

  • Tags

    Tag your categories with multiple colour-coded custom tags.

  • Foreign Currencies

    Assign a foreign currency to your foreign assets and liabilities.

  • Simple data entry

    Quick and easy net worth record data entry with pre-populated fields.

  • Charts

    Display your data in a wide variety of charts.

  • Comparisons

    Compare your net worth to average and median net worth of people in other countries..

  • Data Export

    Export your data to MS Excel, Apple Numbers or other spreadsheet applications through CSV files.

  • Reports

    Display, save as PDF or print your net worth reports.

Asset and Liability Categories

Create your own list of custom asset and liability categories. Log monthly values for each of your categories.

Your asset categories could be your cash, bank accounts, investments, home, rental properties etc.

Your liability categories include everything you owe: credit cards, line of credit, mortgage, car loans etc.

Features: foreign currency selection, tags, automatic depreciation.

net worth pro asset and liebility categories
Simple data entry

Spend only minutes each month to enter your net worth. There is no need to go over hundreds of transactions per account every month.

To speed up data entry, the app offers values from the most recent log period. If the category value needs to be changed, you can change it by selecting the category row and editing it.

Once changed, the value colour turns to green for Asset categories or to red for Liability categories.

The app will calculate total value of all your assets, categories and the net worth.

net worth pro data entry
Category Tags

Tags - a powerful new way to organize your categories. Assign one or more tags to any of your categories.

Create a tag-based report or display a chart related to one or more tags.

Example 1: tag all your real estate related categories (home, rental properties) with a 'Real estate' tag and see how the combined value of all your real estate properties changes over time.

Example 2: tag all your investment related categories (Real Estate, trading accounts, ...) with an 'Investments' tag.

net worth pro tags


Current net worth overview displays your latest data in a numeric form and as a pie chart.

It shows your total net worth, assets and liabilities as well as distance from your net worth goal.

This area also displays last four years of your net worth.

net worth history chart

Net worth charts

Choose among different chart options:

  • Net worth history (with or without stacked asset/liability charts)
  • Asset & liability history
  • Charts related to a selected category
  • Optionally, show changes in your net worth, assets or liabilities as a percent or amount

    You can also set your net worth goal amount and display it beside the net worth history chart.

    net worth annual view

    Pie charts showing distribution of your net worth

    The pie chart page shows you details about your net worth distribution.

    Asset and liability pie charts display distribution of your assets and liabilities across your defined categories.

    You can choose to display category values as a percentage of total or as an amount.

    net worth history chart

    Annual view

    Annual view gives you an overview of your net worth at the end of each calendar year.

    If you turn on the 'Annual trend forecast' option, the application will try to predict your net worth several years in the future.

    net worth annual view

    Comparing net worth records

    Compare any two of your net worth records.

    All you need to do is select two different log periods, and you will see net worth information related to each of the selected periods as well as differences between these periods.

    compare net worth records

    How does your net worth compares to others?

    Compare your net worth to average and median net worth of people in other countries.

    Compare your net worth to net worth of other people in United States based on their age, income and education.

    compare net worth to other countries

    Password protection

    Enable password protection of your app.

    If you turn this option on and set a password, you will be able to get into the app only after entering the correct password. If you don't type it correctly, a hint will displayed to help you remember it.

    password entry

    Export, Backup/Restore your data

    Backup/export all your data to a standard JSON format file. Quickly restore all your data if you need to or import them from some other application.

    Export your data to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that lets you import it to MS Excel or Numbers.

    compare net worth to other countries

    Foreign currencies

    Keep track of assets/liabilities held in foreign currencies.

    This feature is enabled only for a supported basket of currencies. It lets you track your assets and liabilities held in these currencies.

    Supported currencies: US dollar, Japanese yen, Bulgarian lev, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Pound sterling, Hungarian forint, Polish zloty, Romanian leu, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Norwegian krone, Croatian kuna, Russian rouble, Turkish lira, Australian dollar, Brazilian real, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan renminbi, Hong Kong dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Israeli shekel, Indian rupee, South Korean won, Mexican peso, Malaysian ringgit, New Zealand dollar, Philippine piso, Singapore dollar, Thai baht, South African rand

    password entry


    Multiple printable reports: net worth statement, assets, liabilities, tag based reports.

    Display, save (as PDF) or print any of reports.

    compare net worth to other countries