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Home Inventory Easy Entry

A free helper application for our BluePlum Home Inventory application for Macs

Add new inventory items and photos.

Transfer new data to the main Mac application once on the same WiFi network again.

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NetWorth Tracker Pro

Net worth tracker with asset and liability categories

Track individual asset or liability categories.

Multiple charts: net worth, total assets/liabilities, individual asset/liability category.

Setup and receive monthly reminders to update your net worth.

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NetWorth Tracker

Net worth tracking - your financial health checkup

Are your finances on track? Net worth is a single most comprehensive gauge of how you are doing financially. Tracking your net worth is like giving yourself a grade every month and helps keep your spending/savings for the month accountable. NetWorth Tracker will help you see where you are and track your progress over time.

Synchronize your data with other iOS devices and Apple computers using iCloud or export/import using your Dropbox account.

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Facebook Photo tagger and uploader

Facebook photo tagging

Upload and tag your friends to Facebook. Browse your Facebook albums.

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