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  Version log:

  1. Added multiple new reports (tag history, type report and type history report).
  2. You can save your charts as images to your photo library now.
  3. Added an option to hide tag lists in a tag-based report.
  4. Fixed dark mode keyboard theme.
  5. Added types as another way to categorize your accounts.
  6. Added options to display type-based line and pie charts.
  7. Fixed several more minor UI issues.
For more details, go to the what's new page.
  1. Added support for dark mode.
  2. Added a mixed chart option for the main net worth chart. Added chart lines for total assets and liabilities.
  3. For each asset and liability value of the net worth log, added a difference relative to a previously logged value.
  4. Fixed a number of minor UI issues.
  1. Added a new tag-based pie chart type. The new pie chart type shows distribution of your assets and liabilities based on their assigned tags.
  2. Import from CSV files. You can import your existing net worth records and accounts from other applications that export data to CSV files. Check the user guide for more details.
  1. Added configurable home page panels.
  2. Added a new 'distance from goal' panel.
  3. Added support for more foreign currencies.
  4. Added a view of your net worth in ounces of gold and net worth history chart in ounces of gold.
  5. New 'Reports' panel, improved reports selection view, report settings view.
  6. New button and view to chose a different report period from within a report view.
  7. Added editable report titles.
  8. Demo mode with a large sample data set.
  9. Large navigation bar titles (optional).
  10. Added an option to turn off prepopulating of asset and liability values when you create a new net worth log record.
  11. Fixed a bug that prevented the display of foreign currency flags in net worth reports.
  12. Corrected version number in the 'What's new panel' (2.12.1).
  13. Fixed the chart date range that is being shown after device orientation​ change (2.12.1).
For more details, go to the what's new page.
  1. Added an option to select a custom base currency different than the one set by the iOS.
  2. Allow imports from backups of older Mac/iPad NetWorth Pro applications (NWP 1.12).
  3. Fixed a bug making the date font bigger in a chart view after device rotation.
  4. Added a scrollable dashboard view when used on iPhone.
  5. Added Net Worth goal amounts. The net worth goal can be visible on charts displaying net worth history (line or bar chart) and in the new net worth goal section of the dashboard page (iPhone).
  6. Fixed the fingerprint icon for devices that support the Touch ID.
  7. Added a button that lets you show net worth changes compared to the previous period (dashboard page, current net worth section).
  1. Fixed a bug causing application crash on iPhone X when Face ID was used.
  1. Fixed the wrong percent in annual reports when comparing net worth of one year with the one in a previous year.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused the asset/liability option 'Hide when zero' to be ignored in reports and when editing existing net worth log records.
  3. Fixed a bug that prevented correct saving of the asset/liability option 'Hide when zero'.
  4. Added a new onboarding screen.
  1. Merged 3 monthly net worth reports into one.
  2. Added report settings that let you adjust your monthly net worth report to your needs.
  3. Added a new Net Worth History report that lets you create a report listing your monthly or annual net worth records
  4. Added a new tag-based report that lets you include only assets and/or liabilities that contain selected tags. Choose whether you want your assets and liabilities to contain all, or at least one of selected tags (AND/OR tag relationship).
  5. Added a warning when changing the log period of an existing net worth log.
  6. Added auto save for all net worth log changes, removed the 'Save' button unless a new log record is being created.
  1. This update brings foreign currency amounts with related country flags to the extended report.
  1. Added new report types that include tags and descriptions of your assets and liabilities
  2. Added ability to set both the appreciation and depreciation rates for assets/liabilities
  1. Added a printable Net Worth report.
  2. Added ability to send a PDF copy of the report by email.
  3. Store a PDF copy of the report to iCloud Drive.
  1. Improved app stability.
  2. Added support for iPhone X.
  1. Added a list of tagged assets and liabilities for a selected tag.
  2. Added a list of logged asset/liability values for a selected asset/liability.
  1. Added annual subscription.
  2. Added backup and restore.
  3. Added iPhone support.

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