Net Worth Net worth in its simplest form is total assets less total liabilities. You add up the value of all assets you own: real estate, bank accounts, investment portfolios, retirement funds, tangible items (cars, collections, ...), etc. Then you subtract every debt you owe: credit card balances, mortgages, car loans, student loans, etc. The difference is your net worth. It's the amount you truly own.

Why should you track your Net Worth? Net worth is the single-most important financial measure to track. It not only tells you how much you own, but when looked at over time, it lets you know whether your wealth is increasing or decreasing and by how much. It's an accurate measure of how you're doing in growing your wealth. It is like giving yourself a grade every month. It could give you answers to questions like 'how am I doing?' and, 'am I going to be O.K.?'.
It doesn’t matter if you have $1,000 or $1 million dollars, you should track your net worth. It will impact your financial life and will only take 10 minutes a month.

Assets and Liabilities
Custom Tags

Create your own custom asset and liability categories like: investments, bank accounts, credit cards, lines of credit, mortgages, etc. Assets and liabilities can be held in foreign currencies and tagged with custom colored tags.

Net Worth assets and liabilities
Clear overview of your
financial state and progress

Current net worth overview displays your latest data in a numeric form and as a line and a pie chart. See your current net worth, historical chart and net worth distribution all in one place.

Monthly Net Worth Logs

View all your net worth logs. Add a new one, edit old ones or take a look at logged values of your assets and liabilities.

Net Worth Logs
Foreign Currency

When you log a value of an asset or liability held in a foreign currency, the app will store the currency exchange relative to your base currency as well. See a list of all supported currencies with the up to date exchange information relative to your base currency.

Currency exchange
Net Worth Goal

Check how far your net worth is from your goal. The 'Distance from goal' panel displays difference between your net worth goal and the current net worth as well as a chart highlighting the both.

net worth log comparison
Net Worth in ounces of gold

See your net worth and the history of your net worth in ounces of gold. Tap on each of your data points (net worth log records) to see a value of an ounce of gold at that time in your local currency.

Compare Net Worth Logs

Compare any two of your net worth logs. See a difference in your net worth, total value of assets and liabilities between the two periods.

net worth log comparison
Net Worth Reports

Create customizable monthly Net Worth reports that you can print, send by email or save in PDF format to iCloud Drive.

Report settings lets you select what report components to include - log notes, account descriptions, account tags, foreign currency, font sizes, ...

Net Worth History Report

Create a report listing monthly or annual net worth (or asset/liability) history from all of your records. Display your month over month or year over year net worth (or asset/liability) change.

net worth history reports
Tag-based Reports

Create customizable tag-based reports.

A tag-based report includes only assets and liabilities tagged with your selection of tags. You can choose to include assets and liabilities that have all (AND relationship), or at least one (OR relationship) of the selected tags.


Choose among many charting options: net worth pie chart, asset/liability distribution pie chart, charts showing history of your net worth changes, total assets/liability changes, selected asset/liability changes, charts based on your set of tags, etc.

net worth charts