Home Inventory Easy Entry

Home Inventory Easy Entry is a free helper application for our BluePlum Home Inventory application for Macs. To see more information about the Mac application click here.

The Home Inventory Easy Entry lets you go around your home with your iPhone or your iPad and take your inventory snapshots . When both your iPhone and your Mac are on the same WiFi network, you can transfer all the new information back to your Mac and the Blue Plum Home Inventory application. The Home Inventory Easy Entry frees you from having your Mac when you take inventory photos. Go to any of your properties, collect your photos and once you are back home, transfer them to the Blue Plum Home Inventory application.


    ● Supports multiple properties.

    ● Multiple photos per inventory item.

    ● Built-in barcode scanner.

    ● Quick entry mode for items with a single photo.

    ● Add photos, receipts and documents.

    ● Quick navigation through item fields.

    ● Synchronize data with the Blue Plum Home Inventory Mac application.

    ● Add new information and photos in the off-line mode, synchronize when WiFi is available.

    ● Runs on iPhones and iPads.

    ● Easy item search and filtering.

    ● Incremental item search - just type and the item list immediately shows items matching your input.

    ● Filter by property, room, collection, new items, ...

    ● Image adjustments - cropping and rotation.

    ● Album of all the new photos.

    ● Photo album filtering.