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Financial Independence

Figure out when you will become financially independent

Visualize your Financial Independence, or as some call it Financial Freedom. How many years will it take you to reach it? How much money will you be able to withdraw annually? Play with all parameters that affect your road to Financial Independence.

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Top 5 Tasks

Task manager for your top 5 tasks

Limit yourself to no more than 5 top tasks. Lower your stress and keep track of only your most important tasks.

Supports iCloud synchronization.

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Facebook Photo Tagger

Facebook photo tagging

Simple and straightforward way to upload and tag your images to Facebook!!

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Capture your friends' eMotions

Capture your friends' eMotions with the new application from the Blue Plum Software. Utilize the power of the iPhone camera and specially designed eMotion overlays to create a fun image of your eMotions towards your friends current state. You can email, save or upload your tagged creations to Facebook.

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Wanted on Facebook!!

Create your own Wild West Wanted posters and tag a friend on Facebook! Send created wanted photos to Facebook or email them.

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Lifetime calculator

Calculate your life expectancy score.

The score should give you an estimate regarding your health, how long you should live (more or less) & what areas of your life you should work on to increase expected longevity.

Don't panic if your life expectancy calculation is much lower than you hoped. But you shouldn’t feel too assured if your life expectancy test yields a very high score. The final scores are simply boundaries to help guide you.

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Art Face

Put your face on Facebook

Put your friends' faces on famous paintings and tag them on Facebook. Pinch and zoom/rotate to adjust your photo.

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Camera Paintball

Play a paintball with your Facebook friends

Play a paintball with your Facebook friends. FACEBOOK PHOTO TAGGING! Upload and tag your paintball images to Facebook. Camera zoom!

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